Thursday, March 8, 2012

Phenibut trial day 4

Didn't do it all morning and most of afternoon to see if there were anything like withdrawal type feelings, nothing. No anger, no thoughts of doing it increasing, nothing. Decided not to take the pills anymore, sniff or go home, taking the pills is just too inefficient, it's like a different (far weaker) chemical entirely. I don't know if the powder form is hydrochloride, I guess it could be because of the slight to moderate burn I feel, but it's not bad at all, though that could just be overall toughness I gained from my bout with opiate addiction and withdrawal.

Anyways, I'm thinking of documenting kava kava's effects next, I'll start next week so that I can have the end of this week to stop doing phenibut so I can be baseline for the next trial.

going to go listen to Josh Groban and chill now, Guinea Pig OUT

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Human Guinea Pig-Trial 1

I'm tired of reading erowid experiences and wikipedia info that could be incorrect, so I'm going to try stuff on my self now, none of that weak SWIM junk, it's me. I'm not waiting for my idiot doctor to do their job and get me a referral to a psychiatrist or someone who can prescribe meds, so eff that mess, I'll do it how I've done it my whole life-by trusting in myself. Everyone else will fail or turncoat at some point. But enough emo drivel, let's get it in.

Phenibut, trial one, day one.
Status-Depression holding at 77%
Hermit tendencies at 98%
Suicidal Ideations-07%

Full stomach, slightly overfull really, darn pizza earlier.

Taking 1.5 grams to start, will insufflate some tomorrow due to possibility of breakdown in stomach, would like to try insufflating anyhow, may as well.

Planned activities:Tunes, writing, work on game

719-720 ingesting

721 done

now the waiting game.

954 took 1000mg more, havent felt much yet, need to find out half life.

Anime (Gyo) time niggers!

-NOTE- Went to sleep at some point, disappointing.

Next morning

1145, chopped it up, made a line, straight up domed that junk.

Hmmm, got drip.Burned a bit, lost my snorting cherry lol

Lesse wat appens.

15 minutes later

Hmmm, not bad.
This is sum gud stuff
-Felt sped up

Now trying 5g popped then snorting a bit later. Should probably try plugging for completeness' sake.

Overall thus far-Feels good, not dirty at all. Clear headed wakefulness, not all spazzy and angry like stims, no moreishness either thank goodness. I think I've made a new friend.

Working on game also, decided on a name. Got some good artwork as well, shout out to my /del/ buddies.

I'm gonna go watch cowboy bebop.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What the hey

I'm back! Right now I'm in the process of scanning a bunch of my writing and stupid pretentious emo hipster titty-baby thoughts, which will then be posted and laughed at or whatever, I dunno.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hows it going folks? Cool.

Daily experiment 0065
Today I'll be testing how long it takes me to fall asleep when utilizing the following substances:
Valerian Root

The test begins around noon, when I get tired anyhow (I used to know my circadian cycle, but forgot and messed it up with too much studying and too many stupid ssri's and such, THANKS DOCTOR!)

I asked a friend of mine who is a musician and producer if he had anything that would help me get to sleep, and he said he'd send it over today, so I'll post that later also.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't eXcite Me!

Decided to start using this blog again, why not right? I'll mostly be reviewing different entheogens and whatnot I guess, in between incoherent ramblings and such.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well, I guess its okay...

I have a NEW BLOG now, but apparently my followers like this one better, so I guess the joke is on me (and my adsense accounts, haha!) Anyway, my dentist from FOREVER THE HECK AGO decided to CHARGE ME TWICE for the FINAK (new word) PAYMENT on my WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION!

Don't believe me? FINE! HERE!
I got so mad i went for a walk.