Thursday, March 8, 2012

Phenibut trial day 4

Didn't do it all morning and most of afternoon to see if there were anything like withdrawal type feelings, nothing. No anger, no thoughts of doing it increasing, nothing. Decided not to take the pills anymore, sniff or go home, taking the pills is just too inefficient, it's like a different (far weaker) chemical entirely. I don't know if the powder form is hydrochloride, I guess it could be because of the slight to moderate burn I feel, but it's not bad at all, though that could just be overall toughness I gained from my bout with opiate addiction and withdrawal.

Anyways, I'm thinking of documenting kava kava's effects next, I'll start next week so that I can have the end of this week to stop doing phenibut so I can be baseline for the next trial.

going to go listen to Josh Groban and chill now, Guinea Pig OUT

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