Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've been pretty busy this week, between building a website for a client, signing up for the next semester of school and day to day stuff, but I'm not going to stop posting here, at least for now.

Passed 4000 hits earlier this week, hopefully I can stay interesting for the foreseeable future, unlike the almost endless sea of cookie cutter blogs out there about the most inane and worthless of topics. Like, really really worthless. So worthless I could actually make a blog about how awful some of these blogs are. I suppose along with that comes commenters that are just as lazy, unoriginal and mentally deficient. Anyhow, since this blog is supposed to have at least something to do with ethnogens, I ordered the following from

  • Calamus root extract
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Something called the "Druid moon blend"
Calamus Root - 1 oz
Smallflower Calamus Root - Powder (Acorus calamus) 4 oz loose herbs

They're supposed to arrive soon, and I'll let you know how they work/if they work/what they do etc.
Rock on until next time folks


  1. Coding can be really though, ben when everything's going good, it's a pleasure :p

  2. looking forward to the next update...

  3. Very interested in seeing how it works out for ya. Very interesting stuff here, found myself reading about almost every entry you made.

    Love your interest in comics too!

  4. Supporting and following !


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