Saturday, September 11, 2010

No edits, no apologies.

I've had a couple of people email me and tell me that I have grammatical errors in parts of my posts, or that I'm "making myself look stupid" by posting things from when I was obviously in another state of mind. I thought it should have been obvious from the outset blog title, and post content, but I realize that not everyone is me, so I'll say it right now:

I "suffer from" Major Depressive Disorder, among other things, and because of this I may at times act differently than "normal". I was advised to write as part of my therapy, and this is one way I'm doing that. I'm not ashamed of any of this, so I won't try to hide it. I choose to deal with it head on, and want to one day be able to look back over the road I've taken and be able to see the clear sections as well as the rough patches, and hopefully learn something from both. I often use humor and/or sarcasm as a method in dealing with it, and sometimes I use neither. That's that, and if you don't like it I completely understand, but don't waste your time emailing me about it.
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  1. my english sucks, i hope people won't send me email :(


  2. supporting you daily <3

  3. I dont care about grammar, bro. I just wanna see more stories :D


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