Friday, September 10, 2010

Posting something from the toy box!

Something from the toybox, and I'm out
aItch Witch--I'm the itch witch, I make people itch.
Which Witch--I'm the which witch, I confuse folks.
You both look the same, which witch is the itch witch again?
Itch Witch--ME, I'm the itch witch.
Okay, sorry. Now-
Switch Witch--*Crash* Wait for me, I'm the switch witch, I can switch things!
You mean switch things as in hit them with a switch?
Switch Witch--No, like I could switch the itch witch with the which witch for you
Why would I want you to do that?
Switch Witch--I dunno.
Well, do it I guess.
Switch Witch--Okay, now the itch witch and the which witch are switched.
So which witch is the which witch?
which Witch--Not me, I'm still the itch witch
Switch Witch--No, you're the which witch now, I just switched you!
Which Witch--So I'm really the which witch?
*Knock Knock*
Lich Witch--Yes, I'm the lich witch, and I summoned a lich for you.
I don't want a lich, don't they kill you?
Lich: Sometimes
Which Witch--Hey, that's the lich i made itch the other day, I think.
Switch Witch--I'll switch the lich and the which witch so that the lich can get back at the itch witch
Which Witch--Haha, I'll just make the lich itch again!
Lich:What's going on?
Switch Witch: I told you I switched you with the which witch, you can't make things itch anymore, you confuse them!
Lich:I can't figure owt wat's goin on???
Which Witch: Well, at least he's not killing me I guess.
Would all you witches and liches get out of my apartment please?
Switch Witch--Wtf? What did I do to you?
Lich Witch--I did bring a lich in, but that's still a little harsh.
Lich:Am I a rich lich or rich the lich?
Itch Witch:Why am I itching?
Which Witch: I think that was me, sorry.

The End.


  1. LOL what about the bitch witch? or and sand which?

  2. Wait, which witch is your witch. Or which witch are you. Also.. Witch


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