Friday, September 10, 2010

Freakin Abilify

A is for "AAACK", the sound I make when I can't swallow anything
B is for "BLAAAARGH", the sound I make when I have to spit out my drink to breathe
I is for "Idiot", what I would have looked like in front of my friends if they hadn't already had a few each
L is for "Laid-back", the type of fellow I usually am
I is for "Ignorant" what my friends were to my plight
F is for "Flipping", as in "I can't FLIPPIN SWALLOW ANYTHING"
Y is for "Yup" as in yup, all this really did happen.

That's boring though, let's set it off like this

A is for akathisia
B is for blurred vision
I is for intense itching
L is for light-headedness
I is for inflammation of the pancreas
F is for fainting
Y as in Yes, these are all side effects.

So yeah,I'm never taking that again, nearly choking on every drink I will ever consume doesn't fit with my lifestyle of, you know, drinking liquids.

Also this is the face I made when I first noticed I couldn't swallow
(I had a mouthful of awful tequila at the time)


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