Thursday, September 9, 2010

Posting something from the toy box!

This is a straight copy and paste, so please forgive any grammatical errors.

"I must be dreaming" I thought to myself, as I walked down the unnaturally long corridor. "Unnaturally long corridors only happen in dreams, so this has to brie a gleam." I kept walking 4 aboot two more seconds b4 I stopped, and thought about what ai had just thunk. Brie is a cheese, and gleam is an adjective. Why had I said those words in place of the words I was supposed to have said? I climbed into the very comfortable bed dinny had built for me, and sat crosslegged trying to figure out where the bed had come from, and who on earth Dinny was. "Okay, I've never known anyone named Dinny, but it appears that I do now. Also this bed is just sitting here in this seemingly endless taupe corridor, and none of this seems strange to me at all. I must be dreaming."

As I thougt this, another voice chimed inside my mind, a snarky, dry voice that sounded like a competitor in the snarky wit contest I had made third place in. "Yeah, that makes a lot of scents. Stop being obscene and just reaize that you've finally had too much, and cracked. You did too much too quickly, and your brain is getting burnt out. Too many books, too much computer tweaking, too much anime, too many comic books, too many ideas, too many short stories that never got finished, two mini knights thinking about the injustices that you suffered at the hands of other."

The thought of wondering how I can talk to myself and get an answer doesn't even pop into my mind, and I ask "So does this mean I'm dying, or that I just od'd on something again, because something like this happened last time I od'd pretty bad." The voice sounds exasperated, as if it's dealing with a child, and says "No, this isn't one of those times. This time, you could say that you actually didn't cause this, at least not just you. The chemicals you've ingested aren't what created me and the things like me, independent facets of your personality distilled and seperated from your core consciousness, they just acted as catalysts to give us even more definition and therefore freedom. Neither I nor any of the others wish to hurt you, since we are one in the same. We merely wish to take control, and let you get the rest that you deserve. You've been coming unraveled at a much faster pace recently, and it's beginning to worry all of us. There is increasinglty less we can do to help when you lose yourself to the madness that lurks at the fringe of your mind"

I had been losing my composure more frequently as of late, as well as snapping at things easier. I wondered how much this voice knew about me, and so I asked it. Not audibly, I just sort of thought the phrase 'What else do you know about me'. The voice chuckled and repsonded "I know more about you than YOU know about you. I told you before, we are one in the same. I have access to all of your audiovisual data as you acquire it, and can even pull memories from up to ten years ago. I can't go farther than that currently, but I know someone who can, so it doesn't worry me."
And there you have it. I have no idea when I wrote this, but it seems interesting enough, or not. Whatever.


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