Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm in the Depression-hole right now, so please excuse my righting. Anyway, If everyone stopped acknowledging time, what would happen? Like, not threw away their watches , just stopped experiencing time as a dimension? I don't think ant's can understand time, but we can understand ants by taking them apart and looking at them,  that's how we learn. Air evaporates and begins the water cycle, plants bloom and die, but where do thought go once you think them? Are they able to be quantified? Some thoughts are obviously "heavier than others", but that doesn't explain anything at all. My confusion, awe and marvel are the only things I have for this question.

I've been like this all day, maybe its from the sleep deprivation.


  1. Thoughts are not original, they're personal, we forget them, sometimes we add to them forgetting the original thought all together or some shit like that. Have a beer, get some sleep.

  2. did you stopped taking those pills? not so loud or you gonna be ejected from teh matrix..


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