Sunday, September 19, 2010

Insomnia has been keeping me awake for the past three days, and if it wasn't obvious before, it probably is now. My attention span is a joke, I keep forgetting what I was going to say/write, and I have been sitting here for five minutes trying to figure out a way to finish this sentence. Punctuation is starting to annoy me right now, and I've been popping melatonin pills like tic tacs, along with valerian root caps, which smell like old socks, so I could probably use some tic tacs. My thoughts are doing that thing where they get all sporadic and random, and if I didn't have auto correct, ts post would be almost unreadable.I'm even downloading some sleep mp3 thing that claims to give you "guided visualizations to achieve restful deep sleep." We'll see how that goes, I guess. Also I'm finally able to sign up for classes, so I'm deciding between computer programming
(so I can force myself to get better at it) or music theory (so I can be even more elitist when it comes to music).

Also stop making comments that say "Daily support", I don't even post every day. While I'm on that subject, please don't say things like:

  • "I'm following you, follow me within a week" (Or else what?)
  • "nice blog, I NEED VIEW+FOLLOWS" (You'll always need them if you have to beg for them)
If that's what you're going to say then I'd rather you didn't comment at all, I'll be okay.

It occurs to me that it might not be a good idea to post while irritable. If that's the case, just forget i ever said anything

 UPDATE: The easy sleep mp3 was a joke. Just some guy with a creepy voice and a flanger effect saying "You're now breathing in with the inhalation, now out with the exhalation" so not very helpful at all. I'm going to watch pepper ann or some other show from saturday mornings when I was a kid. Sleep on folks


  1. when I was younger I suffered from massive insomnia. I used to try my dads sleeping pills, but they always left me groggy.

    At the time, I just picked up some hobbies...painting warhammer, reading and smoking um, aromatics


If you're going to say "just showing some support", "sweet post!", or anything like that, I'd rather you didn't comment at all.
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