Sunday, October 3, 2010

Partial Victory

Well, I'm not posting from a library computer, so that's something. I managed to get the Acer Erecovery software started, and it started reformatting the xp partition for about a minute, then gave me an error and rebooted.

My ubuntu partitions are still fine though, and to be honest I'm beyond tired of putting up with constant problems and annoyances with xp anyhow, so I might just start down the linux path and become even more elitist when it comes to computing.

Anyhow, Sunday is when I chill out and get ready for the stress and cares of the upcoming week, and today has been almost entirely spent tooling about with my laptop, so I'm going to take the last of my kratom (Really good stuff, I think everyone should try it once), put on every episode of cowboy bebop and chill out so hard that I'll need to thaw in the morning. Stay cool folks, see you tomorrow!


  1. thats good that some of your data is still there

  2. Yea, I hate PC troubles. I think I'm starting to get some at work to (also XP). Linux is great though.

  3. Similar thing happened to me few months ago. I just quit it, and wiped everything

  4. that's good man for the emmo kids :)) i am joke :P

  5. i dont agree what is this?:P nice post

  6. Linux is fun and everything, but it's not practical I don't think. If you enjoy things besides internet browsing and text editing, then you're pretty much out of luck in linux, in my experience. Although there are SOME games, none of them are professional quality and most are obsolete. Just get good 7 iso that's had most of the traditional windows bloat gutted and you're good to go.


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