Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tooth Still hurting Or: A bit about pain

My stupid wisdom teeth are still hurting, and I've been popping generic vicodin like tic-tacs. It isn't nearly as painful at another incident involving a different tooth.One of my molars had begun to give of little zaps of pain and soon the pain had become worse still. I eventually got to the dentist and they looked at it and told me that they could do a root canal for $500, or pull it for $40. Once I had finished filling out the ubiquitous clipboard with a bunch of questions the dentist should already now, I got some xrays taken and then he got down to business.

I couldn't shake the feeling that he was doing things with slightly too much force. Anyhow After wrenching it around a bit, the tooth popped out and the dentist showed me what it looked like. It was a normal tooth on the top and bottom, but the left side had a huge, angry open sore. Then I got a prescription for pain killers and ended up using because of the pain from dry socket, which lead to mild withdrawal symptoms and a very strained liver.Thankfully I can counteract the dependency with dxm and some tinzanidine, if I can get any that is.

P.S= Milk thistle is really good for healing your liver which can help speed up the healing process.


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