Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Soon to be drugged up and feeling alrighty (hopefully)

Finally got my stupid insurance settled and got something for my pain. I asked for vicodin or hydrocodone, at which the doc said "You sure know about pain meds don't you?" while looking at me like I was a junkie or drug dealer. I don't know how I kept my cool right then being in pain and being talked down to by a crappy doctor whose office is on the worst side of town, but I did. I told him that I had already taken aspirin and I didn't want to take too much when they don't even help. He finally gave me a prescription for hydrocodone WITH ASPIRIN, and when I asked if there was anything without aspirin he said "This one doesn't have aspirin, it's just got apap". Now, I know that those are the same things, but by this point I just wanted to leave, so I just left while mumbling passive aggressively. To top it all off the pharmacy said they couldn't fill the prescription until tomorrow.


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